Current projects

The physics and engineering of motion: An online course (MOOC) for mathematical and computational modeling based inquiry.

Supported by the Trump Foundation.

Short presentation of the project (1.5 minutes, Hebrew)

Incorporating authentic research experiences into high school physics: Relating students’ learning to features of mentorship

In collaboration with the Acheret Center. Supported by the Israel Science Foundation.

Completed projects

Physics in CHAVRUTA (A model for supporting early career physics teachers)

Originally supported by the Trump Foundation (2016-2019), and later (2019-2020) by the Israel Ministry of Education and the Technion Social-Hab.

Electromagnetic radiation and waves for non-science majors

Supported by the Israel Ministry of Education.

Building and calibrating a measurement device – From hands on to minds on.

Supported by the Israel Ministry of Education.

Creative uses of the history of science in the instruction of physics

Supported by the Israel Ministry of Education.

Educating pre-service physics teachers as designers of learning

Learning physics-specific pedagogies through cycles of design and teaching of physics lessons.

From playing a game to solving an equation

Integrating digital games into formal schooling. Collaboration with Prof. Michal Tabach, Tel Aviv University.

Conceptualizing people’s sense of what constitutes a good explanation of phenomena in the physical world.

  • Kapon, S. (2017). Unpacking Sensemaking. Science Education, 101(1), 165–198.
  • Kapon, S., Parnafes, O. (2014). Explanations that make sense. In J. L. Polman, E. A. Kyza, D. K. O’Neill, I. Tabak, W. R. Penuel, A. S. Jurow, K. O’Connor, T. Lee, and L. D’Amico, (Eds.), Learning and becoming in practice: The International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) 2014, (Vol. 2, pp. 887-894). International Society of the Learning Sciences: Boulder, CO.

Projects completed prior to Dr. Kapon’s arrival to the Technion

Analogical reasoning and conceptual change in physics education

Supported by a Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship for Career Development within the 7th European Community Framework Program. Outgoing host: Prof. Andrea A. diSessa, University of California Berkeley. Return host: Prof. Tommy Dreyfus, Tel Aviv University.