We study interactive learning processes in physics and STEM with two main foci: (1) Sensemaking and reasoning. We study sensemaking processes in physics, with physics, and at the interface of physics with other STEM disciplines. (2) Appropriation of scientific practice and habits of mind. We study how individuals learn to participate in scientific practice while interacting with others (teachers, mentors, peers) and appropriate these practices and habits of mind for their own purposes. We also study how social and cultural features interact with this process.

One of the key goals of the research conducted in the group is to improve physics education in Israel and elsewhere. Hence, we also design, lead and study innovative curriculum development as well as preservice and in-service physics teacher education that aims to empower teachers by nurturing their sense of agency and their efficacy to actively shape their students’ learning.

Postdocs and graduate students who are passionate about STEM education, have a solid background in physics and mathematics, and are interested in doing educational research in STEM, are warmly invited to apply.


Dr. Shulamit Kapon, Associate Professor of Physics Education
Email: skapon@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-73-378-3110 (office), +972-54-6727522 (mobile)
Address: Faculty of Education in Science and Technology, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Technion City, Haifa 3200003, Israel